UM1-UK Mixer

Something you may of heard me mention before is that I consider the studio to be every part as important as instruments in the creation of Amongst Myselves. I thought that it would be appropriate to add some of the electronic projects that I have designed and built for use in the Uralla Studio.

The UM1-UK is Uralla Studio's main mixer. When I say mixer it really isn't at all complicated or very versitile for that matter. It's been built to suit my situation and method of recording. It contains 6 stereo line inputs - 2 of which have attenuators - 2 high quality balanced microphone inputs which also have phantom power, phase reversal and pads. There is also inserts on each of the microphone inputs for use with compressors and other effects. The unit also needed to control the monitoring in the studio so I included a main level, basic level meter, aux input and headphone amp. It doesn't contain any EQ or effects sends as I find that I can do without such things at this stage of recording and monitoring. The unit was designed and built during the descision to move to the United Kingdom, so the unit also had to be quite portable so all is contained in one unit. That said the power supply is contained in a seperate smaller box to avoid any AC mains hum.

The unit is based on several of Rod Elliot's mixer and preamp modules. Rod's designs and notes make it very easy for almost anyone to create there own customised mixer - of course a intermediate knowledge of electronic construction is needed - not to mention the need to play with mains electricity which shouldn't be attempted without EXTREME care. The unit cost around A$900 which is quite a lot of money for what it does but I believe it will out perform most units that you can buy for a similar price. I've had to make a few modifications along the way. Most recently I added balanced receivers and transmitters to accomodate my new LynxAudio card.

UPDATE: I do have plans in my head to create an expansion box that will give me a dozon or so stereo input channels with a dual buss output system. Just to show off I plan to make it computer controlled.