So this is my UM12-MOCON motion control computer. My intention when designing this computer was for totally flexibility and future enhancements.

The front panel contains a 20x4 LCD with Menu Up/Down and Value Up/Down buttons. A set of 5 function buttons, six Keyframe buttons for motion programming. A Data entry knob, buttons for all the proposed directions on a Pan/Tilt/Track and Focus system.

Inside the box is a Arduino Mega2560 with added EEPROM memory. One thing I didn't do was isolate the inputs and outputs so an accidental application of anything over 5vdc across those connections would destroy the processor.

So far it's function has been perfect. It's mainly the software side of things were most of the work is needed. I currently have a fully functioning system for timelapse and realtime tracking system.

I'm awaiting the arrival of a Pan and Tilt arrangement from ServoCity to attach to the dolly but that's another unit - UM11-Dolly2.