Along with the construction of the dolly based timelapse rig UM7-MOCON I needed a beefier power supply to power the camera and track motor. I also needed something to cater for the Telescope setup. So I built the UM6-CTP.

This power supply sits in between two 18AH 12VDC SLA batteries in a toolbox. The unit is able to supply 2 variable DC supplies which can be the Telescope, Digital Camera, Portable hard drive system. It's setup to have two 12VDC outputs for various lighting systems used on the telescope. In this case it's for a lighting system for under the scope and for the finder scope cross hair illumination. There is also a DC motor controller modified to be used on dew heaters for the telescope - these can of course be used on digital cameras to aid in removing dew during overnight winter timelapse shots. Each of the variable voltage outputs uses a dc regulator module to change the voltage. A maximum of 1 amp can be gained from these two DC outputs.

The two supply batteries are on two seperate circuits to avoid the DC motor control placing too much noise on the computer power connections if used. These can be swapped around at any time in case the heaters drain one battery too much. The second battery can also be used as a backup battery should one get too low. The system also has a lamps off and two intensity settings for use during timelapse.

I have a future plan for this to have a solar recharger unit and panel for when I am outback doing timelapse and need to charge when there is no mains connections.