UM8-POD - Line 6 POD 2 Controller

The POD 2 has made a huge difference to my use of guitar in my music. The range of sounds that I can quickly dial up makes for a great palate. But getting access to all those parameters is something I can only do via MIDI and controller software on a computer which I find frustrating as I don't have the computer hanging over my guitar section.

So I decided after discovering the MIDIBOX.ORG modules that making a Line 6 POD controller would be something unique and highly usable.

My plan is to combine the MIDIBOX.ORG modules with the actually POD module into one 5U rack with a wooden case - leftover from a previous synth upgrade. Certain controls on the POD can't be easily accessed so I though butchering the POD wasn't a major issue for me. Ideally I'd do it to a POD Pro which gives more access to signal flow but hey they are expensive !

As you can see at the top of this screen I have designed the front panel - always a fun thing to do. It's not finished. The LCD panel for the panel is also missing. I've stolen the design of the dial markings etc from a company called Spectral Audio who used this type of design on their Neptune 2 Analog Synth module - Check it out ! The current bill of materials for this project is around the A$400 mark. I'm very tempted to get the front panel laser cut for the holes and I can do a high quality vinyl print to go over this which will make for a tidy look.

UPDATE: I've more recently discovered the Arduino processors which I will now use to create the project sometime in the future.