UM1-VU - Meter Rack

A small side project was to create a meter rack for Uralla Studio. Sure most of my programs have LED meters within them but I thought it would be good to have a physical set of meters not on the computer screen. This meter rack also has a set of PPM meters as suggested by my mastering engineer, Neville Clarke.

The unit is based on two meter designs. The initial is a kit from JLM Audio here is Oz which is based on a design from Audio Technology magazine. A very simple design which was easy to setup and get working. The PPM meters are based on a design by Rod Elliot - ESP Design. This circuit had to be a vero board construction as it's reasonably simple.

At this stage the unit is NOT fully functional as I am having some issues running both sets of meters on the un buffered audio inputs. The next step to solve this problem is to have a buffer on all 4 meter inputs which I hope will resolve the issue.

UPDATE: I'm in two minds about fixing the current problem as I've not found a location for them to live.