The Music from Outer Space WSG is a basic synthesizer not intended for chromatic work. So I thought that it would work well in a noise maker type setup.

Along with the WSG I have also built up one of Ray Wilson's 10 step analog sequencers which he has made possible to link into the WSG. Along with this I can now control my PAIA 9700 with this sequencer. To spice things up a little I had a quad effects (Kawai RV4) unit doing nothing so that's also been added. And to make it all work I've plans for a matrix mixer (at top of unit) which will allow me to add any amount of the 4 effects to either the 9700 or the WSG. I've also allowed for an external stereo input for a future synth - come on the ULTIMATE. Not to be easily satisfied I also have added a spare effects send and return for my Pod 2 which does a great distortion.

I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of 2011 ?