Here you'll find a bunch of purpose built electronics - ranging from audio to computer gear for photography.

UM12-MOCON is my second motion control computer. This one is much more extensive and flexible. It's based around an Arduino Mega2560 to give me all the outputs I need.

- Is my second computer controlled camera track system SOON to have a pan and tilt head added thanks the people at Servo City

MS2000 Rack - I needed to have a self contained keyboard setup for live. I also didn't want to buy gear specifically for live so this project incorporates my controller keyboard and my two Korg MS2000 rack modules.

The UM1-UK is a purpose built mixer for my electronic music studio which is very quality but very low on facilities which is the way I wanted it.

I came across Music From Outer Space a couple of years ago and have since built the Weird Sound Generator. To make it more useful I have started to construct a noise maker rack incorporating the WSG and other stuff. Hopefully I'll also be building up an Ultimate and Expander in the years to come.

UM1-VU is a VU and Peak Meter display for use in the studio - the peak meters and still not functioning properly but I'm on to it !

UM7-MOCON was my first track based timelapse rig for digital camera. It's now been dismantled at the parts used in the newer UM11-Dolly2.

UM6-CTP is part of the UM7-MOCON which supplies power to the unit. It's other main function is to power my Meade LXD75 telescope and utilities.

UM8-POD is future project to allow me access to all the effects parameters of my Line6 Pod2 module. Originally I was going to use MIDIBOX.ORG boards but have since come across the Arduino which will make life easy.

PAIA.COM have some great projects and this is the 9700 modular synth is one I built a few years back. It's great creating sounds on it and once it's in the WSG rack it will become a more useful and integrated unit for my studio. They've recently created a pile more modules for it so lots of fun to come.