RMC records was the producer of the music by Amongst Myselves. Previous bands using this label have included 80's punk outfit Spaghetti Machete, cool rock group The Lost Tribe of Ubobo and experimental/ambient group Southern Garden.To date a total of 13 releases have been produced by RMC.

In 2006 RMC changed it's name to Amongst Projects to focus on the core artist Amongst Myselves and associated projects. Amongst Myselves' new album "Auburn Silhouette" was release in early 2007.

Southern Garden
SG-01 - Southern Garden - Sanctuary Music
SG-02 - Southern Garden - The Last Day
SG-03 - Southern Garden - Pleiades
SG-06 - Southern Garden - Arms of Man
SG-08 - Southern Garden - Derelict Houses
SG-10 - Southern Garden - Tokaj

Spaghetti Machete
SG-04 - Spaghetti Machete - Dimensional Tremors
SG-07 - Spahetti Machete - High and Dry

Lost Tribe of Ubobo
SG-05 - The Lost Tribe of Ubobo

Sea Change
SG-09 - Sea Change - Sea Change

Amongst Myselves
SG-11 - Amongst Myselves - The Sun In The Bottle
SG-12 - Amongst Myselves - Still Life
SG-13 - Amongst Myselves - Sacred Black
SG-14 - Amongst Myselves - Auburn Silhouette
SG-15 - Amongst Myselves - Fragments