These pages have previews and short descriptions of what indie films and commissioned jobs that I've done sound and music for.

Strike Out - a film by Justin Nicholas and Adrian Crawford was my first film I'd worked on for 10 years and before this I was mainly in the camera department. Doing this film certainly made me want to do more as the ability to create a sound environment was exciting.

Drip - written and directed by Adam Carter - relied 100% on my creation of the sound track as there was no location sound. I was very honoured to get a nomination for Sound Design at the SA Short Film awards in 2006. I still think I could have done better looking back at the film now. That's always the case though.

A Bard Day's Night - written and directed by Justin Nicholas - was quite a challenge I was living in England at the time and there was no contact with anyone involved with the film. The location sound was pretty band but it turned out ok in the end. I also wrote and performed the music for this one.

Prism Mind Field - artist friend Laura Challiss asked me to help her out on this project. So we did a bit of editing, through in some visual effects and I put down some music to great affect. Choregraphy and performance was by Rachel Deadman.

Two Hands Wines - photographer friend Don Brice was commissioned by Two Hands Wines to do a series of web documentaries and he asked me to do the editing and write some music for it. Michael from Two Hands gave me some music that he like so I had a bit of a template for where to go. This series worked out really well.

Senses - produced by Adam Carter was quite a challenge as it's really 5 films in one. There was little or no location sound so I recreated all the dialog, environments and music. A fun job though.

Taking Umbrage - written and directed by Sarah Preece was a series of 6 episodes. I wrote the music and created the environments.

Extreme Measures and Birthday Blowout - both directed by Adam Watson - these were done at the same time and quickly.